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Korea gives P3.67-M educational aid to relatives of Korean War veterans


This year, Korea’s educational aid of PHP3.67 million will benefit at least 210 scholars who are relatives of Korean War veterans.

The scholars, a mix of high school and college students, will receive about USD300 to USD500 in annual support until they graduate, according to the Korean Embassy in Manila on Tuesday.

"This year, (the allocated) is USD73,000. A total of 160 are in high school and middle school while 40 are in college. For middle school and high school students, we offer about USD300 for a year while for university students it's about USD500," the Embassy told the Philippine News Agency.

The assistance is a “small token of appreciation” for the service of the students’ veteran family members, according to Korean Ambassador to the Philippines Kim Inchul.

“We always appreciate all veterans who fought in the Korean War, and we sincerely hope that this small token of appreciation can help a little bit in your journey to achieve your dreams,” he said.

During a ceremony at the Embassy on Tuesday, the envoy presented cash assistance to four of the 210 students.

Since 2010, Seoul has given these veterans’ family members around USD800,000 (roughly PHP40.27 million) in educational assistance.

When communist North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950, the Philippines was the first Asian country to send combat troops, a total of 7,420 members of the Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea (PEFTOK).

PEFTOK suffered 112 casualties, over 300 wounded, and 16 missing-in-action during the bloody battle to reclaim South Korea’s independence.

Korea had been consistent in recognizing the valor of Filipino soldiers who fought alongside its nationals when the war broke out, even during the pandemic.

It donated thousands of masks and personal protective equipment to the PEFTOK and the Veterans Federation of the Philippines last year, as well as to the crew of the BRP Conrado Yap.

Korea gives P3.67-M educ aid to kin of Korean War veterans|Philippine News Agency

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