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Kissing for 4 minutes daily to boost dental health, doctor suggests


Dr. Khaled Kasem has discovered the advantages of kissing as part of our everyday oral health care practice. He emphasized how smooching is equally as excellent for our teeth as flossing or brushing.

Kissing is fun, but it also has a number of health benefits.

It not only raises serotonin levels to alleviate stress, but it also lowers blood pressure and soothes cramps.

While a cheeky smooch is excellent for so many things, did you realize it’s also good for your teeth?

Dr. Khaled Kasem now discusses the benefits of kissing and why it should be part of everyone’s daily dental care practice.

He said: “The main benefit of kissing is that it produces more saliva in your mouth

“Saliva is important because it helps you chew, taste, swallow, fights germs and prevents bad breath – which is ideal when kissing!”

Saliva also neutralizes the acids that sit on the teeth, lowering the risk of decay.

With more saliva in your mouth, you can wash bacteria off your teeth, which helps to break down tenacious dental plaque.

During a kiss, the exchange of saliva stimulates the immune system to produce more antibodies to protect the body against illness.

According to some research, we do exchange a lot of bacteria while kissing, but this rise in antibodies is really beneficial.

The only time kissing has a negative affect is when someone is unwell, has a cold sore, or has poor dental hygiene.

Dr. Khaled suggests kissing for four minutes each day to boost dental health.

However, continue brushing and flossing to avoid transmitting germs during your kissing routine.

So, if you want fresh breath and healthy teeth, keep kissing.

Doctor says kissing for 4 minutes daily is like brushing and flossing teeth|Daily Star

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