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Khloe Kardashian hits back cruel trolls who says she has ‘chicken feet’ hands


CALIFORNIA – Khloe Kardashian has responded to the latest round of attacks on her appearance, as her trolls shift their focus to a new target on social media.

The reality star has previously spoken out about the negative impact ‘constant ridicule’ has had on her, but that hasn’t prevented some of her fans from mocking her latest photos.

In a new Instagram post, Kardashian posed with her new Rolls Royce, perhaps taking a swipe at her ex, Tristan Thompson, in the aftermath of yet another cheating scandal, labeling the post ‘betrayal rarely comes from your enemies.’

While her friends and family were quick to praise the 37-year-new old’s images, some focused on a strange feature in the photos, claiming to have detected something was wrong with her hands.

Trolls instantly began pointing out on Instagram and Twitter that in one of the photographs, Kardashian’s hands appear considerably whiter than her face and neck.

”The color difference between her face and her hands… I’m crying,” one person wrote, with another commenting, ”KHLOE PLS you could at least tan your hands too!”

“Khloe’s voldemort hands are the real betrayal happening here,” someone else posted, with a fourth writing, ”Something about khloe hands not matching her face is bothering me… why it look like somebody put acrylics on a raw chicken foot.”

As it turned out, a lot of others thought the same thing, with the similarities to chicken feet immediately going viral on social media as individuals posted side-by-side photos of Kardashian’s hands with the raw version of the delicacy.

”Every chicken feet I see from here on out is gonna remind me of Khloé,” someone wrote of the backlash.

Khloe first chose to disregard the criticism by rising above the trolls, but she later returned to social media with a post advertising her jeans line, Good American.

However, the new tweet only added fuel to the fire, with others accusing Kardashian of purposefully covering her hands in the shot.

“Y u hiding those gorgeous hands,’ one person wrote, as a second commented ‘she not showing her hands after y’all tore her up.”

Kardashian later stepped in to stop the argument, commenting to one commenter who said she was ashamed of her hands after the trolling, ‘Lol never.’ ‘My hands are beautiful, baby.’

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