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Japan’s manufacturing company set to build a 2-billion factory in Cebu


CEBU, PHILIPPINES — More job opportunities will soon await as the Japanese manufacturing company, Tamiya Inc., is set to build another new factory in Cebu worth P2 billion, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) confirmed on April 26.
According to DTI, Tamiya’s chairman and president, Shunsaku Tamiya, said that the facility will soon rise inside the Cebu Light Industrial Park and is set to begin operations by September 2023. 
The factory and the building will have a measurement size of 22,579 and 30,765 square meters, respectively, expecting a rise in production output of 5% over 3 years and an overall capacity of 20%. Currently, Tamiya’s annual production for export is valued at $30 million, and 80% of it is from the Philippines.
Tamiya has only one production facility outside of Japan, which is located in the Philippines, particularly in Mactan, Cebu. Tamiya’s Mactan facility, which is a 40,000 square meter facility with over 1,200 workers engaged in model assembly, was established in September 1994.

Source: GMA News/Business World

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