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Japanese Ramen face mask looks like a steaming hot dish of noodles


As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread around the globe, prudent people are staying indoors as much as possible and covering their faces with masks when going outside.

However, there’s nothing in the social code that says your mask needs to be sensible. In fact, with all of this additional time at home, some people, like Twitter user Takahiro Shibata (@iine piroshiki), have come up with creative alternatives to the simple white face mask.

Shibata has previously dazzled us with his culinary prowess, whipping up a sponge cake that resembles a dish sponge, and now, with the amazing Ramen Mask, he’s bringing his passion for food to the world of face masks.

Menma bamboo shoots, chashu braised pork, finely chopped scallions, a slice of fu wheat gluten, noodles, and a fatty, shimmering broth are among the ingredients in the skillfully crafted mask.

The mask’s true beauty, though, is revealed when it’s strapped to a bespectacled face, with trapped air from the user’s mouth leaking out to fog up the glasses and create the illusion of steam.

Shibata recently uploaded these photographs of his work on Twitter, where they swiftly gained over 243,000 likes and 68,000 retweets.

While Shibata does sell some of his works online, the Ramen Mask is currently unavailable for purchase. There’s nothing stopping you from recreating the look, and given that he’s already shared step-by-step instructions for making huge sunflower seed biscuits, there’s a chance he’ll do so again soon.

Ramen face mask from Japan fogs up your glasses, looks like a steaming hot bowl of noodles|soranews24

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