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James Reid Fans react to kissing video on his 29th Birthday: ‘Who’s That Guy?’


While most people have attempted to forget about politics at this time, some have returned to their regular lives, and James Reid is the first victim of social media rumor.

Celebrity rumor websites were buzzing with videos and photographs of actor-singer James Reid kissing his male pal James Thomas at his birthday celebration.

Some internet users interpreted the kissing videos and images that spread as malicious, claiming that the actor is in a gay relationship.

📸 Screengrab from James Reid – REIDers

Sorry for disappointing the “Marites.”

According to confidants and fans of the actor, the two James are just close friends and business colleagues.

📸 Video downloaded from James Reid – REIDers

Here’s the whole explanation for what transpired at the actor’s birthday celebration, as shared on REIDERS’ Facebook on May 14th:

From LA to Manila. ✈️ Happy Birthday, @james ! You deserve all the love and success you’re being showered with. I’ve never talked to you about this but in my 9 years of knowing you. I’ve always admired the fact that you have always lived and put your family first. (I’ve seen you do it in so many instances). Stay humble, grounded, and kind. Happy to have spent your birthday with you this year. ✨
©️ ashleysochan
We’re so amused that you’re happy for James’ “new relationship” 😂. Sadly no, this is James Reid and James Thomas birthday celebrations at Careless Complex. James Thomas is James’ business partner. Together with Jeffrey Oh, their the BIG J’s of Brooklyn Industries Group, with multiple ventures in music (Careless Music), video/TV ads productions (The Finest), food and beverage business (Notorious Concepts) and farming (The Freshest and HydroHub).
James Thomas’ girlfriend was present during the party too, so don’t get too excited for James Reid yet. 😅
Happy 29th Birthday, James
📸 Screengrab from James Reid – REIDers
“This has over 1M views with over 3M reach!

“James is very much amused by the reactions, we’re happy that you’re happy for his “new relationship” but sadly no, #JaJa is not true. 😂

“James Reid and James Thomas have been very good friends for a while now, he is also his business partner at Brooklyn Industries Group, Pop Up Katipunan and Notorious Concepts.

“If you took time to watch this video, take time to check their resto bars in Poblacion: Alamat Filipino Pub (Filipino Cuisine)West 32 (Korean Cuisine) Japonesa (Japanese-Peruvian Fusion)

“Party at: Notorious Headquarters

“And if you’re at Pop Up Katipunan: Almusal Cafe (We highly recommend the Beef Belly Tapa 👌🏼

“James reaction at Tiktok was priceless. We hope you all had a good laugh as we did. Have a great weekend! #JamesReid | James Reid”
📸 Screengrab from James Reid – REIDers
REFERENCE: Manila Bulletin 

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