‘It’s Showtime’ Finds a New Home on GMA’s GTV Channel from July 1st

ABS-CBN has made an important decision regarding the future of its popular noontime variety show, “It’s Showtime.” Originally airing on TV5, the show will now be moving to GMA’s GTV Channel starting July 1. This shift follows the change in programming on TV5, which prompted ABS-CBN to find a new home for its beloved show.

Statement of ABS-CBN on the transfer of ‘It’s Showtime’ to GNTV

In expressing their gratitude to TV5 chairman Manny Pangilinan for the content partnership, ABS-CBN acknowledged the strong bond they had developed with their audience during the noontime slot. This bond led them to respectfully decline TV5’s offer to move “It’s Showtime” to a different time slot, emphasizing their commitment to preserving the show’s connection with viewers.

ABS-CBN announced that “It’s Showtime” will continue its noontime run on GTV Channel, which is a free-to-air television network owned by GMA. By securing a new platform for the show, ABS-CBN ensures that its loyal audience can continue to enjoy the program and its entertainment offerings.

The network expressed gratitude to GMA’s GTV Channel for providing a new home for “It’s Showtime” and revealed that the show will air on GTV from Monday to Saturday at 12 noon. The announcement concluded with a lively affirmation, “G na G tayo, Madlang People!” symbolizing the network’s enthusiasm for the upcoming chapter of the show.

ABS-CBN expressed appreciation for the unwavering support of their audience and expressed hope that viewers will continue to find joy and entertainment in “It’s Showtime” as it explores new avenues to connect with them.

With this change, the noontime slot will witness a fierce competition among three popular shows. TVJ’s Dabarkads on TV5, the revitalized “Eat Bulaga” on GMA7, and “It’s Showtime” on GTV will all vie for viewership in this highly coveted time slot on their respective channels. This development sets the stage for an intriguing battle among these long-standing programs, each striving to capture the attention and loyalty of the audience.

Courtesy: Inquirer.net

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