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International Scholarships at Croydon University for Bachelor


A bachelor’s degree is an excellent investment that can help you achieve your long-term educational and professional goals. As a result, Croydon University in the UK is providing international scholarships. Foreign nationals who plan to enroll in the university’s undergraduate degree program for the academic year 2022–2023 are eligible for the program.

Amazing chance to receive financial aid while attending Croydon University. In Croydon, London Borough of Croydon, there is a sizable secondary and higher education institution called Croydon College. As of 2014, the college offers study programmes, apprenticeships, and higher education courses at Croydon University Centre to over 10,000 students, 3,400 of whom are full-time. Its origins can be traced back to a School of Art founded in 1868, which later combined with Croydon Polytechnic to form the institution shortly after World War II. The college is the only further education institution to have been given the Queen’s Award for Volunteer Service (QAVS).

Why attend Croydon University to study? All students in their program have the opportunity to learn new things, some of which you have probably never even thought about. You will try new things, expand on your current interests and talents, and make new friends both inside and outside of the College. All of this helps you develop the precise qualities that employers look for and is a great preparation for life after college. In addition to course-related activities, you will be able to participate in athletics, drama, and battle of the bands as part of a vibrant student population. Your time at Croydon College will continue after you finish your studies.

International Scholarships at Croydon University

Host Country

  • United Kingdom

Host University

  • Croydon University

Criteria of Eligibility

  • Applications are welcomed from all around the world in the eligible nations.
  • Eligible Subjects or Courses: The scholarship will be given in any course that the university offers.
  • The following requirements must be met by candidates in order to be considered:
  • Foreign nationals are required for applicants.

Benefits Offered

  • For the academic year 2022–2023, Croydon University will provide the educational funding for applicants in the UK.

Process of the Application

  • How to Apply: Interested parties must enroll in the university’s undergraduate degree program in order to be considered for enrollment in the program.
  • Send the aforementioned documents as support to
  • a copy of your current passport, along with copies of any visas or other travel authorizations.
  • copies of credentials from abroad and the UK, as well as a certificate of English language proficiency (if required).
  • copies of earlier CASS that were assigned and utilised in the Tier 4 application (if applicable).
  • a recommendation from your present employer, school, college, or institution.
  • Form for IELTS exam report (if required).
  • Initial Tier 4 Questionnaire filled out (only for students from countries outside the EU/EEA).
  • Students must have a previous degree certificate and have strong academic credentials to be admitted.
  • You must have IELTS test results in order to satisfy the university’s English language requirements.


  • Ongoing

Source: Croydon University

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