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Here’s how you can make your own kodigo for the May 9 elections


Are you ready for the 2022 national elections?

With national and local elections now a few days away, it’s critical for both first-time voters and those who have previously registered to be prepared and know who to vote for on or before May 9.

Before the election, verify your voter status to see if your registration is active and therefore you are eligible to vote. You can do this by using the Precinct Finder from the Commission on Elections (COMELEC).

If you have already confirmed your Active Voter Status, it is best to have a list of the candidates you intend to vote for written or printed on a kodigo for your own convenience before arriving to the voting station. The COMELEC allows you to bring your own personal list.

With so many names to remember on May 9, it may be helpful to bring your own kodigo to guide you in shading the right candidates, as using mobile phones inside polling precincts will be prohibited.

Here’s how to get one with your candidates’ names, positions, and numbers on the ballot:

  1. Visit the “2022 Philippine National and Local Elections | Free Kodigo Generator” page through kodigo.me website.
  1. You will be redirected to the page where you’ll choose your candidates for president (1), vice president (1), senators (12), and party list (1).
  1. After that, proceed to the “Local Posts” category and select your “Province” and “City/Municipality” from the dropdown menu.
  1. You are required to shade you desired members for House of Representatives (1), mayor (1), vice mayor (1), and the councilors or sangguniang bayan (8) as well.
  1. Once you have completed and double-checked each section, click “Save/Share” button. A summary of your choices will then be shown for your review.
  1. If everything is correct, you may proceed to getting a copy by clicking “Save Image” or you can also get a hard copy by clicking the “Print” button found under the “Save Image.”

While generating a kodigo is easy as 123, make sure to do an ample amount of research before making a choice.

Kodigo.me is not a Comelec-sponsored event. Comelec or the website will not save or utilize any of the responses or results generated by this service.

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