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Grab Rider Being Beaten by Raging Customer Over “Walang Panukli”


Grab Philippines has announced that it is conducting an investigation into a video of a customer getting into a confrontation with a food delivery rider because he didn’t have any spare change.

After the former reportedly manhandled the latter during the fight, a video of a customer’s heated disagreement with a Grab food rider recently went viral.

The client became upset in the over two-minute video when the latter allegedly told him he had no change for his P1,000 payment.

The situation became more tense after the customer proceeded to raise his voice and repeatedly shoved the delivery rider, leading the customer’s wife to intervene.

The video, which has 3.8 million views on Mike motovlogPH’s Facebook page as of this writing, has drawn comments from netizens who expressed their displeasure with the customer’s actions.

The viral video has also drawn the attention of Grab Philippines, which has stated that such consumer behavior would not be tolerated and that they are investigating the situation.

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Rest assured that this consumer behavior is not tolerated on our platform and investigation is already underway.”
“Consumer behavior is not tolerated on our platform. Our teams are already looking into it and are coordinating with the parties involved,” Grab stated in a response to netizen’s comment on their Facebook page. 
Grab probes viral video of customer allegedly punching food delivery rider over ‘no panukli’|Latest Chika

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