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Global DHL Group AIESEC Internship for Students and Graduates


The AIESEC Internship Program is offered by DHL Group in partnership with AIESEC for undergraduate and master’s degree students. This program is open to anyone of any nationality who chooses to participate. The corporation has partnered with AIESEC to provide undergraduate and master’s degree students with the opportunity to do 6-12 month developmental internships at corporate divisions around the world. AIESEC interns benefit from real-world experience on complicated projects as well as the opportunity to develop skills required by global organizations.

Global DHL Group AIESEC Internship

Host Country

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Oceania
  • South America

Criteria of Eligibility

  • Applicants must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for the internship: Intern Epide Interm Bento PhD S Mach
    • Grades that are above average
    • to be enrolled in bachelor’s or master’s degree programs
    • Excellent English abilities
    • Excellent grasp of Microsoft Office
    • Practical experience gained firsthand
    • Excellent analytical abilities and quick intuition
    • Work that is self-directed and goal-oriented
    • Ability to work proactively in a team, drive to produce outcomes, and a positive attitude

Benefits Offered

  • An internship can last no less than six months and no more than twelve months. Aside from that, the internship term might range from 6 to 12 months, depending on the needs of your hiring manager and the country.
  • Application writing
  • The secret to a successful career move is always your application. Initially, your CV, cover letter, and letters of reference are the only things a potential employer knows about you. As a result, your application should be written in such a way that the reader gets a strong sense of your qualifications and interests. Every application is unique and personalized. An application, on the other hand, must meet three requirements: it must be orderly. It must be well-structured and comprehensive.
    • ‘Orderly’ implies that you should thoroughly examine your material for phrasing and spelling errors! 
    • ‘Well-structured’ indicates that your cover letter should offer the most crucial information in a straightforward manner: What position are you looking for? What piques your interest in the position, and what are your expectations? And what makes you uniquely qualified for the position? Your resume should be formatted in a tabular format, starting with your most recent employer.
    • Complete’ indicates that an application includes a cover letter, a resume, important letters of recommendation, and any other information requested, such as student enrollment status or a graduation certificate. Add a personal touch to your application.

Process of the Application

You should apply if you are interested in the AIESEC program and wish to get experience working in a culturally diverse setting or just expand your intellectual, communicative, and professional knowledge.

    • Deutsche Post DHL Group internship opportunities are all listed on the global AIESEC internship website. Candidates who are interested in the available positions can apply through this website. To apply, simply fill out the brief registration form on the website. When the deadline for the open post has passed, all application forms will be examined and a shortlist will be created based on the information submitted. If you have any technical problems with the website registration, please contact your country AIESEC office.
    • The recruitment coordinator will pre-screen all applicant profiles within a week of the position’s closing date. This stage of the process will concentrate on the numerous skills and information offered by candidates in their application packages in order to validate the ‘fit to position.’ The recruitment coordinator will also confirm the’student status’ of shortlisted individuals applying for internships in Germany. A candidate shortlist will be provided to the hiring manager after pre-selection and verification by the recruiting coordinator, who will then decide who will be interviewed.
    • At this point, the hiring manager will interview the shortlisted candidates from the pre-selection process and choose the best candidate for the job.
    • Procedure The chosen candidate will be taken through an onboarding process in order to complete all legal requirements and travel to the location of their internship. The host AIESEC body primarily coordinates this procedure, with assistance from the recruitment coordinator.
    • This is the final stage of the procedure, in which the chosen candidate arrives at the particular DHL office, signs a contract, and begins an incredible and potentially extremely lucrative internship experience.


  • Ongoing

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