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Girl left by Boyfriend, loses 40Lbs, Beautifies and becomes a “Flight Attendant”


Nowadays, people have different passions, some love hiking and some travel, but what will not be lost is the passion for food, almost all of us love it, especially now that there are restaurants on the left and right, we will certainly have difficulty losing weight.

But if you are really determined to lose weight, you can do it as long as you are determined and do not give up. It’s like the story of a 19 -year -old girl named Que Huong.

According to the girl, she never thought she would be a “flight attendant” because of her weight and physique. She said she weighs only 75 kilos (165lbs) and is 163 centimeters (5.3ft) tall.

At that time, she said she often heard insults around her because of her body and weight. She said that she could not even look in the mirror because she was ashamed.

But she just ignored whatever others said because for her, her body was just fine. But one day she didn’t think that the way she would lose weight would be to be broken hearted because of her boyfriend.

Because Que Hong heard that her boyfriend had another girlfriend and when she saw it, she was really more beautiful than her and had a very beautiful body. So instead of feeling sad and sulking, she tried to lose weight and improve her body.

She said that she immediately borrowed money from a relative to get a “membership” in a gym. And apart from using it, she also said that it is accompanied by nutritious foods.

According to Que Hong, what she always eats are chicken pecho, fish, yogurt and various vegetables. So soon because of his hard work he achieved a weight of 57Kilos (125lbs).

Apart from gaining her weight, she also decided to pursue her dream of becoming a flight attendant, so she studied English and then applied to Jet Star to become a full-fledged flight attendant.

It’s really fun to think that despite what she experienced after brokenness, that will be the way for her to a better destiny. If you see Que Hong now you will be really surprised at the huge transformation in her body apart from her beautiful and super sexy body.

Dalaga na iniwanan ng boyfriend, nagbawas ng 40Lbs, nagpaganda at naging isang “Flight Attendant”|Artikulo Uno

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