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Fish Rained Over Texas On Year-end


Texas witnesses a rare weather phenomenon as fish ‘rain’ from the sky. This phenomenon, known as ‘animal rain’, is said to be caused by tornadic waterspouts.

TEXARKANA, TEXAS – The saying goes, ‘It’s raining cats and dogs.’ However, it ‘rained’ fish in Texarkana, Texas, on Thursday (Dec 30, 2021). Many Texarkana residents were taken aback when they saw fish falling from the sky alongside rain.

The official Facebook page of The City of Texarkana, Texas, reported on the strange metrological phenomenon, saying;

“2021 is pulling out all the tricks… including raining fish in Texarkana today.”

Elaborating, they explained, “Animal rain is a phenomenon that occurs when small water animals like frogs, crabs, and small fish are swept up in waterspouts or drafts that occur on the surface of the earth. They are then rained down at the same time as the rain. While it’s uncommon, it happens, as evidenced in several places in Texarkana today.”

The Facebook post has received thousands of shares and hundreds of comments.

Many Texarkana residents took to social media to document the dead fish lying on roads and in their backyards. Some people were amused. One person commented, “There are probably a lot of happy stray cats”, on one such post, while another said, “People thought I was crazy about 20 years ago when I told them it rained frogs at my hog farm. I stood there dumbfounded looking at my concrete walkways being covered as they were falling. I was wondering if the world was coming to an end.”

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Some people, however, are concerned about the health and hygiene issues that dead aquatic animals may cause if clean-up operations are not completed on time.

Texarkana’s animal rain may be the only recorded instance in the state, but California last saw the phenomenon in 2017, when elementary school officials in Oroville reported that 100 fish fell from the sky and onto school grounds.

According to the Weather Channel, fish have fallen from the sky at least three times in the town of Lajamanu in Australia’s Northern Territory in the last 30 years.


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