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Filipino Motorcycle Company, Lycan unveils its AI-equipped bikes


Lycan finally introduces on Saturday, December 11, 2021, its AI-equipped bikes via its first-ever virtual conference event entitled “Transpire: 2021.”

At the event, the company hopes to inspire not just the next generation of motorcycle enthusiasts, but to also motivate more people to innovate new ways of doing things through technology and to prove that Filipinos are capable of doing great things when given the opportunity.

Photo: Screengrab on Lycan via Facebook Live

For decades, Filipinos have produced motorcycles under well-known international brands. These companies have largely dominated the market, with few domestic manufacturers daring to compete against these behemoths.

However, one Quezon City-based startup hopes to challenge them, and with high-tech, futuristically styled models to boot. Lycan Motorcycles is a Filipino motorcycle company that intends to use technology to make the dream bike of many Pinoy riders much more accessible.

Lycan hopes to use technology to make its motorcycles not only high-tech, but also highly customizable and extremely smart, with features such as artificial intelligence and voice-command assistant functions.

Photo: Screengrab on Lycan via Facebook Live

Lycan wants its customers to be able to completely customize their motorcycles, down to the body parts, colors, and engine displacements. This will be possible thanks to the company’s cloud-based motorcycle designer application.

Lycan says it hopes to drastically reduce the risks and costs associated with third-party garage customizations while providing its riders with a personalized motorcycle straight from the factory.

Once these components have been selected, they are assembled, registered, and delivered directly to the buyer’s home, wherever they may be in the Philippines.

The AI-equipped Bikes

Lycan also wants its customers to have access to cutting-edge technology in their motorcycles. To allow riders to communicate with their motorcycles, the company intends to use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

Photo: Screengrab on Lycan via Facebook Live

The bikes will be equipped with a LUNA A.I. proprietary system. A smart voice assistant, similar to Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, will be built into all of the company’s motorcycles and other devices.

Through verbal commands, the rider will be able to request navigation directions, perform hands-free dialing, remotely start the motorcycle’s engine, and run motorcycle diagnostics.

Lycan has a smart helmet specifically designed to work with the bike to create a seamless experience. It has a microphone and speakers built in to communicate with its LUNA voice assistant.

In addition to communicating with LUNA, the smart helmet will be able to communicate with other smart helmet users via a dedicated frequency wave, as well as make and receive calls when a mobile device is connected. To manage and control all of the features and software across all Lycan products, a downloadable mobile app will be required.

Furthermore, the helmet’s visor will have an adaptive display screen that will show a map, notification bar, and speedometer. The smart helmet will also include a game-changing emergency feature that has the potential to reduce road fatalities. Lycan claims that it wants its riders to feel like Tony Stark inside his Ironman suit, complete with smart helmet.

Lycan AI-Bike Models

Lycan will enter the Philippine market with two unique motorcycle models: the G6 and the Challenger 1. The Challenger 1 is a sporty, futuristic single-seater sports bike, while the G6 is a modern cruiser.

The Lycan motorcycle operating system, which includes its LUNA A.I., will power both models. smart assistant, touchscreen dashboard display, and other cutting-edge features like voice-activated and biometric engine starter.

Photo: Screengrab on Lycan via Facebook Live

All of these prototype models, ranging from motorcycles to smart helmets, will have distinct and modern designs. They are also ongoing projects with upgradeable software and firmware.


Photo: Screengrab on Lycan via Facebook Live

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