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Farmer shoots dog to death before its owner after the pooch attacks his sheep


The dog’s owner witnessed the horror and was unable to entice their pet to return when the farmer in Cheshire was forced to shoot it.

A farmer shot to death a dog in a desperate attempt to protect his animals from sheep attacks. The family pet managed to sever its leash and run off towards the sheep.
It then bit one of the animals under the nose and on the chin, prompting the farmer on Sunday to exercise his legal right to protect his livestock.

The dog’s owner was unable to return it, according to police, who described the tragedy as “upsetting for all involved.”

The farmer was then “left with no other option,” it was said.

Cheshire Police Rural Crime Team recalled the incident, which took place in Disley, Cheshire, and issues a stark warning for pet owners highlighting the responsibilities of owning a dog, reports the Express.

Sgt Simpson said that a police slogan read: “Your dog, your responsibility” was “a message we stand by”.

The police worker wrote in a statement that the dog had escaped from its lead “and went on to worry a number of sheep injuring one, leaving it with bite marks to its nose and under its chin.

“This horrific incident was witnessed by the owner who tried to recall the dog, but it wouldn’t return.

“Numerous attempts were made by the dog’s owner and the farmer who arrived on scene, before they were left with no other option.

“Again the action taken was witnessed by everyone present and it’s upsetting for all involved.”

He added: “No one wants to shoot a family pet, but it’s clear in law that someone protecting their livestock have this option available to them.

“If you’re not sure, please keep it away from livestock, even if you’re using a lead.”

Sgt Simpson urged for dog owners to be suitably trained before owners rely on a lead when walking near livestoke.

“Essentially a lead shouldn’t be thought of as your primary control method,” he continuted.

“This crime of worrying livestock is being dealt with by the attending officer and those involved.”

In March last year a dog in the Cotswolds was reportedly shot by a farmer after being caught on a “killing rampage” among a flock of sheep.

Police released grisly images showing the corpse of the husky and several dead sheep.

In April, the Henley Standard reported that farmer David Hicks shot a giant schnauzer called Freja after she ran into a field of livestock.

In the same month, farmers and their insurers warned that dog attacks on livestock were reaching “epidemic proportions”.

Research published by NFU Mutual found that an increase in dog ownership during the successive lockdowns of the coronavirus pandemic saw the cost of dog attacks rise by 10 percent in 2020.

Source: Express

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