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Electrician who was not paid, walked for 10 days to get home


An electrician was allegedly forced to walk for 10 days to get home to Oriental Mindoro after his employer left him and did not give him his salary equivalent to several months’ work, according to police in Daraga, Albay.

Justine Chua, 42, was spotted by Daraga police personnel on Tuesday after allegedly walking from Sorsogon where she was taken by her contractor in October 2021 to work in the construction of a fast food chain, police said.

Chua was holding a large piece of cardboard on which was written what he allegedly went through and complained after being fooled by his contractor and agency.

Sina Staff Sgt. Diane Lubiano and Cpl. Melrose Ansano of Daraga police saw him on the side of the road, which he asked for help.

According to Chua’s statement to the police, before the end of the year 2021, his contractor allegedly left him and did not give him a few months’ salary.

He also failed to find help, and he also did not have a cellphone.

Due to his situation, he allegedly decided to walk to save the fare to get home to Gloria, Oriental Mindoro where he is a resident.

Lubiano and Ansano gave Chua food, drink, medicine and clothes after seeing him.

They also accompanied him to the Albay Public Safety Management Office where Chua received financial assistance which he used on his way home to Oriental Mindoro.

The police took Chua to the bus terminal so that he could return to his home province.

Electrician na umanoy' di binigyan ng sahod, 10 araw naglakad para makauwi|ABS-CBN

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