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Doctors discovered a 2kg dumbbell inside man’s rectum


A man’s hospital visit took quite the turn when doctors discovered a 2kg dumbbell inside his rectum.

The 54-year-old man, reportedly from Brazil, sought medical help at a hospital in Manaus after reporting “an accident with the insertion of an object”, according to a study published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports.

The man complained of abdominal cramping and pain upon his arrival, but doctors said he was clinically stable during the physical examination.

An X-ray later revealed the man had a dumbbell lodged in his rectum. It is about 20cm in length and weighed 2kg, the journal said.

The publication implied the insertion of the dumbbell, which had been inside him for two days, was sex-related.

Eventually, the man did have the dumbbell removed during surgery.

The incident isn’t the first time a man has had a dumbbell stuck inside them.

Surprise find in 50-year-old man’s bum

In 2018, the National Library of Medicine published an article about a 50-year-old man who presented to the emergency room complaining of pain in his lower abdomen.

Doctors found a dumbbell weighing 2.2kg lodged in his rectum.

The man was “experimenting with new sexual practices,” according to the National Library of Medicine.

“A rectal examination revealed a hard metallic object; no gross blood was found on the examining glove,” the article said.

X-ray from a case study from 2018 of a dumbbell in a 50-year-old man.
A case study from 2018 also detailed how a man got a 2.2kg dumbbell stuck in his rectum. Source: National Library of Medicine

The case study also noted foreign objects lodged in the rectum were a “common presenting complaint in the emergency department”.

“Anal eroticism is the major reason for the majority of cases of rectal foreign bodies,” it said.

“A high index of suspicion is required to accurately diagnose a rectal foreign body as patients are often embarrassed about their condition and may not present in a timely fashion to be evaluated or volunteer their history.”

The International Journal of Surgery Case Reports pointed to a Caribbean study that determined that despite the problem affecting both genders, there is a predominance of males.

“More specifically white men between 20 and 40 years old, having practices of sexual gratification as the greatest motivation,” the study said.

Bizarre 2kg find inside man's rectum| Yahoo News

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