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Doctor-vlogger Adam Smith is permanently Signing Off


In Philippines, health education never improves in light of the fact that people are being programmed by supposed health experts who are advancing elective items and means other than those completely tried and affirmed.

Being an honest Doctor is extreme work, particularly considering the current situation with our medical care framework. Also, in light of the fact that most specialists today have practically identical instruction and qualifications, terrible specialists give precisely stick out like sore thumbs.

Doc Adam is known for its content debunking YouTubers who spread misinformation to the netizens. This man really proves everything with his 10 years of experience in his field as a Doctor. This man cared about us Filipinos over the Filipino multi-millionaires that sell fake “health products” do.

Smith said he received numerous “ad hominem attacks” and “legal threats/letters accusing me of cyber libel” during his four years as a content creator because of his opinions on products with “misleading” health claims.

He also used the platform to criticize government agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Health (DOH), as well as politicians and celebrities, for being “part of the problem.”

"Alam ninyo kung gaano kadelikado ang health claims ng ilang negosyo diyan sa Philippines! People are being harmed because of dangerous health claims being made by many companies! Grow some bayag and put a stop to it," he said, addressing the FDA and DOH. "If companies are saying that you can cure cancer with vitamin D, you need to make them accountable!"
"The second thing I want to say is about celebrities and politicians in the Philippines. Some of you promote companies and services with outrageous and dangerous health claims just to earn," he added.

Smith went on to say that a lawsuit was filed against him in Australia by Filipino doctor Farrah Agustin-Bunch after he called her out for giving “dangerous” health advice online.

He claimed that as a result of this, he has missed “many days at work” and has spent more than 200,000 Australian dollars (around P7.5 million).

Smith has been auctioning off some of his prized possessions and organizing a fundraiser to help cover legal costs. He stated that he intends to concentrate on his work as a doctor in the future.

Smith’s YouTube channel has 1.98 million subscribers and over 98 million views as of this writing.

Actual Post:

đź“· Doc Adam|Facebook Page
I am leaving youtube to concentrate on my Doctor work and pay for the Dr Farrah law suit that I am currently facing in Australia. Kc is auctioning my shirt to raise money for my legal costs (over 200,000 dollars so far). This is hard for me to do I have so many good memories in this shirt but I know who every gets it will take care of it for me and give it a good home. All money raised in this auction will go to wards supporting the legal costs. Ill set the price at 0 pesos lets see how high we can go :) 

Can ship worldwide (postage depends on the location)

Lots of love Adam + Buto.
(1)Filipino-speaking Aussie Doc Adam to stop vlogging after 4 years|ABS-CBN News
(2)Doc Adam|Facebook Page

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