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DepEd denies asking for interviews from the “Spanish era”


The Department of Education (DepEd) is not pushing students to time travel and conduct interviews during the Spanish era.

On Wednesday, the DepEd said it was looking into a learning material that went viral online and instructed students to interview someone from the Spanish colonial period.

“Upon verification by the DepEd Error Watch, it was found that the material in question was not developed nor quality-assured by the department or any DepEd office,” the agency said in a statement.

According to the course materials, students should “ask a person who experienced during the Spanish era” and “let him/her tell you about how they managed during those times.”

The students were also told to take what they learnt from the interview and generalize it, or to role-play various scenes from the time period.

The Spanish colonial period spanned three centuries, ending in 1898.

In its statement, the DepEd urged the public to be wary of disinformation and unreliable material on the internet.

It also invited parents and stakeholders to report difficulties with learning modules to schools or the DepEd Error Watch via email [email protected] or phone number 0961-680-5334.

As expected, comments about the “module” flooded the internet.

In a Twitter post, lawyer and lecturer Jay Batongbacal stated that since the Spanish period ended in 1898, students should have been given a ouija board, which is a device used to reportedly contact with the spirits of the departed.

“Even the grandparents of the kids did not reach the Spanish era … Who thought of that activity?” One of the netizen’s comments.

Someone on Facebook suggested using Doraemon’s time machine, a fictional robotic cat from a Japanese cartoon that can travel back in time from the 22nd century.

“Try to roam around the cemetery, maybe they can find someone they can talk to,” another netizen said.

While many people mocked the study material, several pointed out that the “module” was in color, whereas DepEd texts were normally in black and white.

DepEd denies asking for ‘Spanish era’ interviews|Inquirer

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