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Delivery Rider accused of stealing lasagna, TikTok couple charged


A food delivery rider has decided to charge the TikTok couple with cyber libel who accused him of stealing lasagna recently.

Content creators Khyla Tuazon and Juma Matar have apologized to rider Arjuna Garialde but the latter has decided to stay with the two.

đź“· Screengrab from RTIA/YouTube

It will be recalled that Garialde turned to the Raffy Tulfo in Action program after Tuazon and Matar posted a video on TikTok that he was told he was a thief.

According to the TikTok couple, lasagna is missing among the foods delivered by Garialde.

The restaurant where the two ordered food admitted that it did not include lasagna in those sent to Garialde.

Even though the video has been deleted and Tuazon and Matar have apologized, Garialde will continue the complaint because even though his name was not mentioned, his co -workers recognized him.

The rider added that the two did not apologize to him either.

"Manghahamak lang kayo ng tao para sa views n'yo at sa likes n'yo," Garialde said.
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