Coleen Garcia Opens Up About Almost Calling Off Wedding and Impulsive Nature

In a recent digital media conference for the series “Kung Hindi Lang Tayo Sumuko,” Coleen Garcia made some candid revelations about her past struggles and impulsive nature. While discussing the show’s theme of not giving up, she shared her personal experiences, including almost calling off her wedding with Billy Crawford.

Garcia confessed, “We almost called off the wedding at that time. I didn’t know if I wanted to push through with it or not.

“Sobrang magulo ang utak ko noon. But we got through the wedding, hindi kami sumuko, but almost. Malapit na.”

According to the actress, that period marked the onset of numerous challenges. She found herself questioning the decision they were about to make, asking herself if it was the right path to take. Doubts crept in as the reality of their impending union became apparent.

When asked about other instances where she had given up, Coleen revealed that it had been a recurring pattern in her life.

“Gawain ko po talaga yung sumuko. Madalas po akong sumuko. I ran away from so many things—from career, to personal relationship.

However, she shared that she learned the value of commitment and perseverance after getting married and becoming a mother. She acknowledged her limitations but emphasized that she had been trying her hardest not to give up. Over time, she developed humility and a desire to learn.

“Very impatient and very impulsive person ako. So throughout my life, nagkaroon ako ng maraming hobbies.

Coleen explained, highlighting her impatience and impulsiveness. Throughout her life, she explored various hobbies, such as playing the piano, ballet, and painting, driven by her restless nature.

Interestingly, Coleen admitted that she didn’t know how to dance, which came as a surprise given that she was Billy’s dance partner on an episode of the French dance competition show, “Danse avec les stars.” Reflecting on this revelation, she expressed some regret.

“Dancing, hindi pa rin ako marunong sumayaw. Hindi talaga. Pero kung itinuloy ko yun, sana marunong akong sumayaw.

“Hindi ko naman naisip na mapapadpad ako dito sa entertainment industry.

Although she tries to live without regrets, Coleen pondered what could have been if she had dedicated more time and effort to certain pursuits in the past. However, she believes it’s never too late to make a positive change.

“Siyempre we try to live with no regrets, pero iniisip ko na sana pinagbutihan ko noon. Sana naging masipag ako noon para I could reap the benefits now. Pero it’s never too late.

“Yun ang mga bagay na puwede naman balikan except yung pagsasayaw. Medyo too late na iyon. Hindi ko talaga kaya. Babawi ako through Amari [ang anak nila ni Billy]. Nasa genes naman niya, e,” said Coleen Garcia who is currently starring in the Viva One original series “Kung Hindi Lang Tayo Sumuko,”

Through her openness about her personal struggles and growth, she inspires viewers to embrace resilience and the determination to never give up, no matter the circumstances.


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