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Chinese Man Designs a Massive Powerbank With 27,000,000 mAh Capacity

This massive power bank can charge 5,000 phones at once!


Powerbanks and portable chargers have become a daily need in recent years. Almost everyone nowadays carries a powerbank as a backup battery in case their devices run out of battery power when travelling or when there is no access to electricity.

Handy Geng, a Chinese electronics handyman and content creator, have created a massive powerbank with 27,000,000mAh capacity. Geng posted a video on YouTube in January, where he detailed the process of building the powerbank.

“It seems everyone else has a bigger power bank than mine. I’m not so happy with that. So I made a 27,000,000mAh portable charger power bank,” he wrote in the caption.

📷 Handy Geng, YouTube (Screengrab)

Geng estimates his powerbank has the capacity to charge over 5,000 phones with 3,000mAh batteries. The innovator seems to have used a big battery pack that resembles the ones seen in electric cars.

The power bank measures 5.93.9ft long. The massive device has a protective frame and approximately 60 ports. Its output charging connectors can accommodate 220V electrical potential voltage. And there’s more. This power bank can power big electronic devices such as televisions, washing machines, and even electric scooters.

Geng has attached wheels to the device to make transportation easier. It doesn’t look much different from a regular powerbank on the market, except it’s significantly larger. While it is too large to transport while traveling, it helps solve the problem of frequent power shortages in residences.

Aside from the gigantic powerbank, Geng’s YouTube channel is chock-full of entertaining videos of the inventor creating bizarre technology including flying wings, a DIY security patrol mech, a tissue paper heating machine, and more.


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