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CHED: Face-to-face classes for all degree programs will begin on January 31


The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) stated on Tuesday that limited face-to-face classes for all degree programs at higher education institutions (HEIs) in locations under Alert level 3 will begin on January 31.

In addition, CHED stated that HEIs in Alert Level 2 areas may begin restricted in-person classes at any time.

“Application to CHED is not a requirement for the conduct of the limited face-to-face classes,” the commission noted.

CHED stated that HEIs wishing to implement such “must be willing to assume the responsibilities for the reopening of their campuses,” which include complying with health guidelines, adapting facilities, and obtaining stakeholder approval.

“Institutions must also notify their regional CHED office by submitting an accomplished self-assessment checklist and notarized affidavit of undertaking prior the start date of their limited face-to-face classes,” CHED added.

If there is a clustering of COVID-19 cases, the HEI’s Crisis Management Committee will decide to suspend the limited face-to-face classes in cooperation with the local COVID-19 task force.

Colleges and institutions on Alert Level 2 began restricted in-person classes in December 2021.

CHED currently only accepts fully vaccinated students and professionals to engage in limited in-person classes. For the unvaccinated, flexible learning will continue to be utilized.

As of December 29, CHED reported that 87.1 percent of HEI teachers and employees, and 59.7 percent of students, had gotten their coronavirus vaccinations.

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