Charlie Puth penned a song while having sex

Charlie Puth, the singer-songwriter, has been open about his sexuality, and it has influenced some of his songs, including one that was inspired by a particular encounter during intercourse. In an interview with Interview Magazine while on an international tour promoting his latest album, which was released last year after a four-year hiatus, Charlie discussed his music and his openness to sexual experiences. The conversation eventually led to the story behind his track “Mark On My Neck.”

Charlie revealed that he wrote the song while in the midst of a sexual encounter, to the extent that he had to momentarily pause and quickly record a voice note. Although he acknowledged that he should have focused more on the act itself, the melody spontaneously came to him, and he felt the urge to capture it. He explained that at the time, he was trying to move on from someone, and he believed that meeting new people was the best way to do so. While he was aware that things might not work out with this particular person, he valued the experience itself.

The inspiration for “Mark On My Neck” came from waking up and noticing the marks on his neck left by the person. He observed that as the marks gradually healed and faded away, so did the memory of the person who had made them. They went their separate ways, and Charlie reflected on the fleeting nature of connections, highlighting how people can fade away as quickly as the scars on one’s body.

In the interview, Charlie also touched on other risqué topics, such as his “thirst traps” on social media, his acceptance of body positivity, and his preferred music playlist for sexual encounters. His playlist includes songs like Roy Ayers’ music, Delegation’s “Oh Honey,” and Miles Davis’ “Blue in Green.” He expressed his desire for it to snow or rain while he is having sex in his New York apartment, as he likes to set the mood with Miles Davis’ jazz track. He stated that jazz always resonates with him in any intimate scenario, whereas hip-hop feels too obvious and on-the-nose, like having Drake playing in the background.

In addition to “Mark On My Neck,” Charlie’s album “Charlie” features other tracks such as “Light Switch,” “That’s Hilarious,” “Smells Like Me,” “I Don’t Think That I Like Her,” “Charlie Be Quiet!,” “Loser,” and a collaboration with BTS’ Jungkook called “Left and Right.”

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