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Boy is born with TWO ‘fully functional’ penises due to incredibly rare birth defect


A BOY was born with two fully functional penises.

The unnamed boy is one-in-six-million with the incredibly rare birth defect, doctors said.

Only 100 cases have been described in literature in 400 years.

Incredibly the youngster, from Uzbekistan, lived with the deformity for seven years before surgery was finally undertaken.

Describing the medical case in a journal, the doctors said the boy had been referred to their clinic with “abnormal” genitals.

They wrote: “Initial physical examination identified two completely developed penises with common shaft skin.

The boy urinated from both penises, meaning he had two separate urethras. 

Both penises each had erectile tissue, but the doctors did not report whether both would be able to become erect.

They learned the boy had been born without an anus, a condition called anal atresia that affects up to one in 1,500 babies.

While this was fixed immediately after birth, it is not clear why it had taken seven years for the child to have his dual penis sorted out.

The condition is medically called diphallia, and it can also cause problems with the testicles, digestive and urinary tract, according to Healthline.

Medics said the rare phenomenon posed “a great surgical challenge”.

During the operation, the left penis was carefully removed and his urine stream had to be redirected into his right side only, MailOnline reported.

A catheter was fitted for 21 days as the boy recovered in hospital.

Two months later, the boy had recovered and was able to use the toilet as normal.

Saidanvar Agzamkhodjayev and his colleagues wrote: “Although the anomaly is known from the XVII [17th] century, there are only just over 100 cases reported so far.

The case study is detailed in Urology Case Reports.

Last year, a boy with three penises – called triphallia – was reported by medics in Iraq.

In this case, neither of the extra penises were able to function and only one had a glans (head).

The problem had not been spotted or fixed at birth, only when the newborn’s parents brought him into hospital at three months of age, concerned that he had swelling and protrusions from his genitals.

Boy is born with TWO ‘fully functional’ penises due to incredibly rare birth defect| THE SUN

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