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‘Bored’ security guard destroys a $1 million painting by drawing eyes on it


A £740,000 artwork of faceless individuals by Anna Leporskaya was allegedly damaged after a bored security guard drew on it on his first day of work.

On his first day of work, a ‘bored’ security officer allegedly destroyed a £740,000 painting by sketching faces on it.

The painting by Anna Leporskaya depicts a group of faceless figures and was displayed prominently at the Yeltsin Centre in the west-central Russian region of Sverdlovsk Oblast.

However, it may now be worth much less because a security guard from a private company is said to have defaced the image on his first day of work.

The employee, who has not been identified, is thought to be 60 years old and has been sacked.

The painting, titled ‘Three Figures’ (1932-1934), is currently being worked on by professionals in an attempt to restore it to its former grandeur.

The incident is said to have occurred on December 7, 2021, when it was shown in an exhibition titled ‘The World as Non-Objectivity, The Birth of a New Art.’

The bored security guard allegedly drew eyeballs with a ballpoint pen on the features of two of the three people featured in the picture.

Following the event, authorities launched an investigation for vandalism, which carries an RUB-40,000 (GBP-395) fine and a one-year correctional labor penalty.

Anna Leporskaya (1900-1982) was a student of Kazimir Malevich, a well-known avant-garde Russian artist (1879-1935). She also collaborated with avant-garde artists such as Nikolai Suetin and Lev Yudin.

She is best renowned as a master of artistic porcelain. Her works are widely represented in the Russian Museum’s collection, in addition to the Tretyakov Gallery.

The painting’s damage has been assessed at RUB 250,000. (GBP 2,470).

It is unknown how much the picture is worth, however it was insured for RUB 74.9 million with Alfa insurance firm (GBP 740,000).

According to reports, the corporation is paying for the rehabilitation.

'Bored' security guard allegedly ruined £740,000 painting on his first day at work|Mirror

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