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Bloody Fight of 2 Filipino Seafarers: Ship Cook killed his Captain with 30 stab wounds


On Sunday, November 21, an argument between the Captain and the Chef of the cargo ship Meghna Liberty, both Filipinos, devolved into a bloody fight while the ship was in the territorial waters of Mauritius.

In a fit of rage, the cook stabbed his captain, Rolly Baquillos Solante, 44, in the neck and abdomen with approximately thirty stab wounds. Alfred Kenneth Calopez, 33, confessed to the crime and was brought before the Port-Louis court on a provisional charge of murder this Tuesday morning, November 23. He was held in a cell at the Central Barracks’ Alcatraz detention center.

This drama unfolded on the high seas in Mauritius’ exclusive economic zone on the evening of Sunday, November 21. With a crew of twenty, the ship Meghna Liberté set sail from Cape Town, South Africa, bound for India. They were all from the Philippines. The captain and his cook got into a physical altercation. This was yet another argument, according to information available to the Port’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) investigators, led by Inspector Tajoo. The captain chastised the chef for his actions.

Excited by his captain’s repeated reprimands, cook Alfred Kenneth Calopez grabbed a kitchen knife and struck him several times in the neck and abdomen. Rolly Baquillos Solante’s death was almost instantaneous. The chief officer was required to notify Scott Shipping, the vessel’s local agent, of the incident. The suspect was subdued and tied up with the assistance of the other crew members. The vessel was instructed to set course for Mauritius, and the Meghna Liberty docked with the Oil Jetty in the Port around 0130 on Monday 22 November.

Police officers from the Port’s CID boarded the ship with forensic technicians after receiving approval from the health service. They investigated the crime scene and gathered evidence. After stabbing the victim, the suspect allegedly threw the murder weapon into the sea.

The victim’s body was taken to the morgue of the Victoria Hospital in Candos for an autopsy. Dr. Sudesh Kumar Gungadin, Principal Police Medical Officer, performed this in the early evening of Tuesday, November 23, attributing the death to a “stabbed wound to the neck and chest.” Rolly Baquillos Solante received thirty stab wounds.

Before being arrested, the suspect was taken to the Dr. A.G. Jeetoo Hospital in Port-Louis for a Covid-19 antigen test. The test result was negative.

A Ship’s Captain Killed By About 30 Stab Wounds|LeMatinal

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