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Best Work Abroad Destinations for Filipinos in 2022


Working abroad can be a life-changing experience that allows you to grow both personally and professionally. Find the best place for you to work abroad and learn about the legal requirements in each country.

Go Overseas compiled a list of the best countries to work abroad to help you find your dream job. The career platform compiled a list of the best countries to work in, ranked from 0 (unhappy) to 10 (happy) based on a variety of factors such as work-life balance and happiness indices.

The countries, moreover, are listed in no particular order, but they all represent highly desirable locations for finding short-term work or establishing a career. Numbeo provides all cost of living and salary data, and all dollar values are in USD.

South Korea

Cost of living: $962/month + rent
Average Salary: $2,210/month
Work visa duration: 12 months
Happiness index ranking: 62

South Korea has gained recognition as a destination for work abroad recently, and justly so. The combination of globally acclaimed pop culture, world-class cuisine, a thriving economy, and high wages make Korea one of the best countries to work overseas. English teachers will be paid a highly competitive wage and find students eager to learn.

However, South Korea has the longest working hours of any developed nation. This is a contributor to its relatively low ranking on the happiness index. Most companies tend to understand the cultural differences and treat expats accordingly. Seoul, Busan, and Daegu, moreover, have sizable expat communities and rich nightlives.

How to get a work visa in South Korea?

It is relatively simple to obtain a working visa in Korea. Working as an English teacher under Korea’s “E-2” visa is the quickest and easiest way to obtain a working visa in Korea. Visit VisaHQ to learn more about obtaining a work visa in South Korea.

Apply as an English teacher in South Korea

The English Program in Korea (EPIK) is run by the Korean Ministry of Education and the National Institute for International Education with the goal of improving the English skills of Korean students. Apply directly through the EPIK web portal.

New Zealand

Cost of living: $927/month + rent
Average Salary: $3,323/month
Work visa duration: 12 – 23 months based on residency
Happiness index ranking: 9

New Zealand has a thriving tourism industry and no language barrier for English speakers. The country is also well known for its natural beauty and outdoor lifestyle, making it the perfect spot for adventure-seekers. There are endless short-term and seasonal employment opportunities throughout the country. Kiwis are extremely friendly, and most travelers find it easy to adapt to life in New Zealand as a result.

New Zealand regularly ranks among the happiest countries globally, including a 9th place ranking on World Happiness Report. The laid-back culture and emphasis on a healthy work-life balance create a truly unique atmosphere. The cost of living in New Zealand is high so it’s important to budget appropriately if you want to build savings while working there.

How to get a work visa in New Zealand

New Zealand offers a working holiday scheme to Filipinos with an age range of 18 to 30 years old. Filipinos can stay for up to 12 months. This visa helps young, educated Filipinos come to New Zealand. Moreover, visas can be acquired for those with special skills ranging from engineering fields to telecommunications. These are typically need-based skilled positions and have much stricter requirements than the working holiday scheme.

As of writing, applying for a working holiday visa in New Zealand is closed. To learn more about acquiring a visa to work in New Zealand, visit the New Zealand Immigration web portal.


Cost of living: $886/month + rent
Average Salary: $2,908/month
Work visa duration: 12 months
Happiness index ranking: 12

Germany is one of the leading economies globally (per GDP) and among the largest exporters of goods. Germany is filled with incredible opportunities for career-minded people looking to work abroad, especially engineers. Many global corporations have offices in Germany, meaning there are opportunities for English-speaking positions.

Furthermore, most Germans have a strong English proficiency, so the language barrier is manageable. People work less (about 27 hours per week) and live better with Germany ranking in The Global Economy 2020 Happiness index.


Cost of living: $889/month + rent
Average Salary: $2,784/month
Work visa duration: 24 – 48 months
Happiness index ranking: 14

The average salary is high in Canada, and cost of living is quite reasonable, making it a great destination to work and build savings. Canada is one of the safest countries on Earth, and has a thriving economy that is ranked 14th in size globally. The country has made monumental contributions in medical advances, including the invention and world’s first pacemaker, and the discovery of HAART therapy treatment as HIV prevention.

Healthcare is the largest industry by employment in Canada, making it a great choice for overseas Filipino healthcare workers.

The focus on work-life balance and happy employees in Canada expands beyond mandatory benefits to promote a healthy lifestyle. Discounted gym memberships, child healthcare, flexible schedules, and extended health benefits are all common forms of non-monetary compensations employers provide their workforce in Canada. English is the primarily spoken language in most of Canada.

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