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‘Because of jealousy and envy?’ Family’s adopted daughter killed the Maguad siblings?


The Maguad family gradually achieved justice for siblings Crizzle Gwynn and Crizville Luois Maguad when the family’s adopted daughter “Janice” confessed to killing the victims.

According to the interview of “NewsLine Mindanao” with the father of the victims Cruz Maguad, says that envy and jealousy are the reason why Janice killed his children.

Janice allegedly wanted to take the place of her daughter Crizzle Gwynn.

Janice is a working student and one of the victims, Crizzle Gwynn, adopted her from an orphanage in North Cotabato and they call each other like real siblings.

“According sa narinig naming confession niya [Janice], is nagseselos daw talaga siya kay Gwynn–naiinggit siya kay Gwynn. So kaya nga galit na galit siya kay Gwynn dahil gusto niyang kunin talaga ang place ni Gwynn,” said Cruz.
“Kasi narinig ko, na yun ang personalidad niya kapag galit siya sa isang tao talagang kukunin niya,” he added.

The crime took place on December 10 around 2:00 p.m. “Janice” became one of the persons of interest and material witness because she was with the victims and the only survivor.

Before posting on Facebook, she first sent a message to the family’s chat room that unknown people allegedly entered their house around 2:58 p.m. After that, Janice posted on Facebook at 3:04 pm to ask for help.

Janice allegedly became more suspicious when she changed her name on Facebook.

However, Janice is currently in the custody of the Social Welfare and Development Office in M’lang, North Cotabato as she is a minor and is facing a murder charge.

Meanwhile, police are still searching for another colleague of Janice.

‘Dahil sa selos at inggit?’ pumatay sa Maguad siblings, adopted daughter ng pamilya|

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