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Beatrice Luigi Gomez oozing with confidence at 70th Miss Universe prelims


On Saturday, Philippines bet Beatrice Luigi Gomez drew attention during the preliminary competition for the 70th Miss Universe, which was held in Eilat, Israel.

During the swimsuit competition, the Cebuana beauty walked confidently on stage. She showed off her killer figure in pink swimwear.

Gomez walked the runway in a high-slit red gown designed by Francis Libiran for the evening gown competition.

Gomez wore a design by Axel Que for her national costume. The costume is based on the Bakunawa, a serpent-like dragon from Philippine mythology who is said to cause eclipses and to be capable of swallowing the moon. Manny Halasan created the intricate and handcrafted metal moon headdress and accessories.

“She continues this narrative by taking it, the Bakunawa, in its final form: The Golden Lunar Dragon,” Miss Universe Philippines captioned the photo of Gomez.

“This is a metaphor for Bea’s growth and personal evolution. The costume is done in gold as it is considered to be the perfect element and acts much like enchanted armor,” it further explained.

Meanwhile, Kapuso actress Marian Rivera was announced as one of the preliminary competition’s judges.

Gomez is one of 78 contestants vying for the title of Miss Universe. If she wins, she will be the Philippines’ fifth Miss Universe.

The coronation will take place on December 12th (Dec. 13, Philippine time).

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