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Bar exam passer in Cebu, bacame lawyer because of what happened to his father


For Rofel Bayaga Kiamco, his father was a victim of injustice, and his suffering inspired him to become a lawyer and defend those who are abused.

The path to becoming a lawyer is colorful and full of tiny pieces of glass for Rofel Bayaga Kiamco, 41, of Carmen, Cebu.

Rofel was among the 8,241 examinees who passed the 2020-2021 Bar examination.

On April 12, 2022, Rofel posted on his Facebook account about his motivations to become a lawyer.

The first was the death of his father, Ruben “Boyax” Laping Kiamco Sr.

He also wants to protect his family and those who are abused.

He put in the post the picture of his father, and the screenshot of his name on the list of newly passed the 2020-2021 bar exam.

Part of Rofel’s post (published as is): “I will share a photograph of a man who is the cause why I pursued Law studies and aim for lawyering.

“He is Ruben Laping Kiamco Sr. (a.k.a. Boyax); I consider him a legend. A man whose heart is like a Lion who knows nothing about a retreat.”

He detailed that in 2012, his father got into a fight with about ten men.

Rofel added that his father was “maliciously charged with attempted murder and frustrated murder.”

Her cases were still pending at Regional Trial Court Branch 25 and Municipal Circuit Trial Court of Catmon when he died of cancer in 2013.

Rofel said, “His death caused me sorrow and grief, which struck me because he died without a lawyer in the family to defend him in court—except a lawyer from PAO.

“That malicious imputation by the police squeezed my heart, and on his grave, I made a vow to him to pursue law studies so that I may defend our family and the abused from the abusers.”

Now that he is a lawyer, Rofel has another promise to his bereaved father.

“To my beloved late father, Boyax, here is now my promise—a Lawyer—who will defend our family and do justice and fairness to everyone.”

At press time, Rofel’s post already had 207K reactions, 9.6K comments, and 49K shares.

Comments from netizens who were inspired, and others related to her story, were also full of admiration and congratulations.

On April 28 Rofel posted a screenshot of an email to him saying his clearance process was complete, and he could now be sworn in as a lawyer at a ceremony to be held on May 2.

Rofel’s caption in his post: “Thank you Lord Jesus Christ. I am almost 100% a lawyer. ”

Bar exam passer sa Cebu, kumuha ng abogasya dahil sa sinapit ng ama|Pep

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