Awra Briguela CCTV Footage at Bolthole Bar Goes Viral

The Bolthole Bar in Poblacion, Makati City, is making headlines as CCTV footage capturing the moments leading up to a brawl involving TV and movie personality Awra Briguela has been released. The video, which surfaced on social media, was initially shared by content creator Xian Gaza on Facebook, with a description provided by a Bolthole staff member.

In the video, Awra can be seen enjoying himself with friends, engaging in playful banter with a group of men present at the bar. According to the bar staff, the altercation began when the complainant refused to comply with Awra’s request. Apparently, the group of men wanted to have their picture taken with Awra, but to their surprise, Awra asked the complainant to undress before he would agree to the photo.

This refusal by the complainant became the source of mockery from Awra’s group, who taunted him for rejecting the former child star’s request. As seen in the bar’s CCTV footage, Awra’s friends peacefully left the establishment around 5 a.m., exchanging handshakes and fist bumps with the complainant’s group. Awra, however, stayed behind to continue his conversation with the complainant, insisting that he undress.

According to the bar staff, this escalated when Awra followed the complainant to a corner, urging him to remove not only his top but his pants as well. When the complainant refused, Awra became angry and pushed him along with his friend. The footage shows Awra attempting to forcibly remove the complainant’s clothing, resulting in them falling to the ground and the complainant’s garment tearing.

Bouncers and bar staff members tried to intervene, but Awra resisted their attempts to calm him down, even pushing them away. At this point, the complainant and his group decided to exit the bar to avoid further conflict. However, Awra continued to pursue them.

As the men descended the stairs, the bar’s bouncers restrained Awra from going after them to prevent a confrontation. However, Awra became more agitated instead of calming down. Witnesses report that Awra expressed a desire to physically assault the complainant for not complying with his demands.

Eventually, Awra left the bar and immediately searched for the complainant, which is believed to have initiated the subsequent brawl. Another video released by Xian Gaza depicted Awra and his friends mocking the complainant, urging him to undress. It is clear from this footage that both groups were engaging in a playful manner.

The CCTV footage aligns with the account given by Mark Christian Ravana, the complainant, during an interview with TV5’s Frontline Pilipinas on the evening of June 29. Ravana stated, “Nakursunadahan niya siguro ako tapos hindi niya ako pinalabas ng bar.

“Unang-una talaga, hindi ako pumapatol. Naka-hands up pa nga ako. Sinundan talaga ako sa baba.

“Then nagulat ako, may sumuntok na sa akin. Madami na ang sumuntok sa akin, lumaban lang ako.”

Angelo Niño Gulmatico, a Bolthole bouncer, was also injured while attempting to intervene and was targeted by those defending Awra. Gulmatico stated, “Umaawat lang po ako tapos sinapak po ako, nasaktan po ako.

“Si Awra po. Hindi na siguro mapigilan. Kung sinu-sino na siguro yung nasasaktan niya,” Gulmatico stated.

The CCTV footage did not capture the alleged harassment experienced by Awra’s female friends.


The initial video that went viral on social media shows the physical altercation between the group of men and Awra’s group outside the Bolthole bar. Awra himself can be seen being restrained by his friends as he tries to approach the scuffle. From another angle, one of Awra’s friends is knocked down by the men’s punches.

Police quickly arrived at the scene to break up the fight. The video also shows Awra being forcefully subdued by the police while resisting as they attempt to put him into a police vehicle.

This incident enraged netizens, who criticized the police and the individuals involved in the altercation. Hashtags such as #JusticeForAwra and #IAmWithAwra trended on social media to show support for the Kapamilya star.

The initial allegations of harassment against Awra’s friends, which triggered the altercation, spread on social media. Awra’s friends, many of whom are content creators, came forward to defend him and condemn the manner of his arrest.

One of those who spoke out on social media was Zayla Nakajima, who claimed to have been groped by complainant Mark Christian Ravana. According to Zayla, Awra only defended her and another female friend against the disrespectful behavior exhibited towards them.

However, according to an interview with the Makati Police by GMA News, they did not receive any complaints from Awra’s group regarding harassment by the men.

Makati Chief of Police Col. Edward Cutiyog stated, “Tinanong din po natin sa grupo ni Awra kung mayroon sa kanila ang magko-complain, kung sinasabing may allegedly may hipuan ayun din kasi ang sinasabi na ugat.

“Pero so, far wala naman. If may pumunta man dito at mag-complain then we will assist immediately.”


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