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Authorities are investigating over a TikTok user’s threat to murder Marcos Jr.


According to the Department of Justice, a TikTok user is being investigated after posting a comment on the video-sharing app threatening presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. with assassination.

Screenshots showed the TikTok user saying, “We are meeting everyday to plan for BBM’s assassination. Get ready.”

The incident was reported to the DOJ Cybercrime Division, which stated that it considered the message to be a “serious threat” and requested that TikTok conduct an investigation.

“We made an initial investigation on the matter and referred the same to the NBI-CCD and PNP-ACG for further investigation. We also emailed the TikTok Law Enforcement Outreach,” said Charito Zamora, officer in charge of trhe DOJ Cybercrime Division.

“We requested the data related to the subject account preserved pending investigation by the law enforcement agents concerned,” she added.

Vic Rodriguez, Marcos’ chief of staff, stated that the aspirant will continue with his campaign activities despite the threat.

“While report on the assassination plot is concerning, we are not cowered by such threat. Bongbong shall continue to personally deliver his message around the country with firm resolve to unify the nation,” Rodriguez said.

In May 2020, a public school teacher was detained in connection with a Facebook post in which he offered a P50 million reward for the assassination of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Authorities probe TikTok user over alleged threat to assassinate Marcos Jr.|ABS-CBN

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