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Archaeologists Amazed To Find A 2100 Years Old Phone Like Object


At the Ala-Tey excavation site in the mountainous Republic of Tuvá, archaeologists discovered a strange black rectangular object next to the skeleton of a woman in a grave (Russia). Archaeologists were astounded by the 2100-year-old phone-like device.

The researchers dubbed the ancestral woman “Natasha,” and the mysterious object she was accompanied by was dubbed “iPhone” due to her resemblance to Apple’s product. The 2100-year-old phone-like device, like modern phones, has holes in the top and bottom.

The object, far from being an oopart, is actually a 2,100-year-old belt buckle discovered in a tomb in the so-called «Russian Atlantis», a mountainous region in Siberia that is already covered in water and only appears for a few weeks a year.

One of the archaeologists involved in the excavations, Pavel Leus, explained that the team has been going to the Ala-Tey burial site for several years. Leus went on to say that the intriguing 2100-year-old phone-like device was discovered in 2016, but the results were only recently made public.

“The Xiongnu era burial of” Natasha “with an” iPhone “remains one of the most interesting in this burial site,” the expert said.

The buckle, which measures 18 by 9 centimeters and is embellished with Chinese Wu Zhu coins, is made of precious stones inlaid with turquoise, carnelian, and mother of pearl. Scientists were able to date the object by using these coins, which were minted 2,137 years ago.

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