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Angeline Quinto 3 months pregnant with non-showbiz boyfriend?


Is it true that Angeline Quinto is three or four months pregnant?

Is that why Erik Santos didn’t answer this in his interview with ‘Nay Cristy Fermin with Romel Chika on “Cristy Ferminute” this Tuesday afternoon because he doesn’t want it to come from him.

Erik was given water and the only thing Mother Cristy said was, “Okay na ‘yang statement mo, pag inom mo ng tubig.”

Of course, the current state of the woman who once came close to his heart should not come from Erik in respect of the girl’s current relationship.

Anyway, according to Bandera’s source, Angge will be announcing very soon and maybe in her concert at the Metropolitan Theater she will formally introduce the father of what she is bringing.

Angeline has also wanted to have a child for a long time even when Mama Bob was still alive, but that’s because she didn’t have a boyfriend then.

And now that her adoptive mother is gone, she has decided to have a family even though she is not yet married so that she can be with someone and alleviate her longing for the loss of the person she loves so much.

Angeline Quinto 3 buwan na raw buntis sa non-showbiz boyfriend?|Bandera

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