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‘All of Us Are Dead’ actor Yoon Chan Young faces school bullying & misogyny allegations


Truth or Bluff?

SOUTH KOREA – Korean child actor Yoon Chan Young who rose to prominence as the male lead in the new Netflix zombie series “All Of Us Are Dead,” has been accused of bullying and misogyny.

According to AllKpop, the rumors were started in 2016 by a netizen. Apparently, the old tweet started making the rounds on Twitter again now that the cast members of the successful K-drama series have gained national attention.

According to the accusations made by the netizen in September 2016, the actor was involved in constructing a ranking of female students and teachers based on various parameters during his last year of middle school. The netizen claimed that the incident occurred way back in 2015.

The controversial post is read as follows:

“I still didn’t know how serious our country’s misogyny was last year. In school, they always taught that discrimination against females has decreased, and I really thought it was true. I don’t know if it’s because we were taught this, that I was more dense to it, but in the middle of this is when the situation exploded. Instead of saying it exploded, maybe it’s better to say a kid found a paper.

During lunch, I saw that my friends were looking at a piece of paper and whispering, and I was wondering why they were swearing so I looked too. The paper was a ranking of our class’ female students based on beauty standards. Our female teacher was also ranked. I was the top in the top 3 faces, and I don’t remember very well but the girls were ranked according to different standards.

Our ethics teacher told everyone else except those listed in the paper and those who did the ranking to go home. She told the perpetrators to come out and face the wall. The perpetrators were Park Joo Hyung, Im Se Hyun, and Hong Ji Pyo. Yes, it’s true. Child actor Yoon Chan Young.”

The accuser also stated that she received an apology from Yoon Chan Young via KakaoTalk and posted screenshots of the text messages on social media.

The 20-year-old apparently stated that the ranking list was created solely for amusement and that he had never considered going too far (with his actions). He also promised the netizen that he regrets his previous wrongdoings.

Chan Young’s agency, Snowball Entertainment, has yet to address the recent allegation surrounding the rising actor.

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