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ADB Internship 2022 [Asian Development Bank Internship]  Paid Internship


ADB Internship program is a venturing stone for youthful alumni towards their sparkling vocations. Asian Development Bank Internship is a guarantee of involvement with an assorted workplace as ADB has representatives from in excess of 60 nations.

The international paid internship program is a chance for understudies to chip away at project-situated plans and instruments. It is an opportunity for graduates to acquire proficient experience based on exploration and tasks under the management of elite experts. Besides, it is a brilliant opportunity for those whose scholarly fields are connected with crafted by ADB.

Asian Development Bank’s vision is a prosperous, comprehensive, versatile, and economical Asia and the Pacific and to satisfy this objective, ADB understudies are chosen double a year. Profoundly skilled, motivated, and significant people are being chosen for a worldwide entry level position at the ADB. ADB expects to mitigate neediness from the district and to advance social and monetary improvement it offers grants and entry level positions to self-coordinated people.

The reason behind this summer internship program is additionally to carry the gifted alumni into a similar pool so together they could have a gigantic effect.

The Asian Development Bank Paid Internship 2022 outfits the assistants with every one of the abilities that could make a financial and improvement sway both in general society and private areas of their emerging nations. Additionally, the understudies at ADB get the opportunity of limit working as per the put forth objectives of ADB for its vision 2030.

The global understudies at ADB will have the potential chance to chip away at their ideal tasks as they will apply for the explicitly picked task during their application cycle. There are a ton of undertakings connected with manageable social and financial advancement on which the Asian Development Bank is working and one such task is relieving the effects of COVID-19 by giving inoculation, money, information, and organizations.

Asian Development Bank has associations with other worldwide banks and multilateral monetary foundations, for example, World Bank, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Global Environment Facility, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization, Organization of Economic Co-activity and Development, and some more.

The assistants from non-industrial nations at ADB will get an opportunity to gain proficiency with the functioning systems of the world’s top banks and monetary foundations while remaining in the Asian Development Bank. Additionally, it is an incredible chance for the worldwide assistants to land position open doors at ADB after the fulfillment of the temporary job; as ADB lean towards its understudies over others for the arrangement of any work.

ADB Internship 2022

Host Organization

  • Asian Development Bank

Duration of ADB Internship 2022

  • 8 weeks to 11 weeks

Benefits of Asian Development Bank Internship 2022

  • The interns will get a chance to start their careers from a world-class organization and under the supervision of highly talented and experienced professionals.
  • ADB prefers its interns for full-time jobs over others if there arises any related job opportunity.
  • ADB provides a limited amount to cover part of the airfare travel cost should air travel be necessary between the internship location and the authorized point of origin.
  • The stipend will be paid to the interns in accordance with their location, Stipend will be paid for up to 57 calendar days.

Eligibility Criteria of ADB Summer Internship 2022

  • The candidate must be a national and citizen of ADB member countries.
  • The candidate must be proficient in English.
  • The candidate must have academic/study related to ADB’s projects.
  • The candidate must be having some professional experience related to the ADB projects.
  • The candidate must be either a master’s or PhD student in one of the ADB member states.

How to Apply for the ADB Internship 2022?

  1. The eligible candidates have to apply online through ADB Career and Employment System (ACES).
  2. The candidate must have selected the related ADB assignment.
  3. An essay and CV must be uploaded on the online form.
  4. All the essay questions must be answered properly.
  5. The candidate has to submit a motivation letter that shows the interest of the candidate towards the chosen assignment.
  6. Make sure to submit the application before the deadline avoids any error.

Deadline of Application for Asian Development Bank Internship

The application period for the ADB Internship is from January 22-31 2022.


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