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A Vlogger traversed WW2 Tunnel in Taguig City


Maybe only a few do not know that there is a Tunnel built under a modern city in Taguig. Beneath the beautiful buildings, sights and elegant restaurants there is a historic tunnel that was built during the war in the Philippines.

In a YouTube vlog of kabs de eksplorer, his team went to the tunnel and tried to explore. In the small hole they entered, the heat coming out of the tunnel was evaporating along with the unpleasant smell.

When they went inside it was very dark, when you had no light you couldn’t really see anything, they went down two stairs that were very straight. When they got to the end it had a separate tunnel.

The one on the right of the tunnel is what the Americans originally made then and the one on the left is what the Japanese made of it they took from the Americans then during the war.

While they were in the middle of two separate tunnels there was a bang in one of the chambers inside the tunnel so tried to call in case there was someone inside the tunnel. A few minutes later someone answered them.

There was a previous person who went inside and they didn’t know what he was doing there inside. He told them that he was the one guarding the tunnel.

They were surprised because it was so hot inside the tunnel and so dark. Even kabs de eksplorer wouldn’t want to guard inside the tunnel. They also noticed that it seemed confused to see or hear their voice.

The photos below are by sir GERARD FERER. They haven’t taken any more pictures inside because the guard is threatening them that he will call.

📸Photo credit to: Gerard Ferrer
Disclaimer: Credit to the rightful owner. We do not intent copyright infringement with these photos.

You can see in a picture taken by Sir Gerard Ferrer that there are foils and lighters left inside. So you can’t really be surprised that someone enters the tunnel but not to guard or sleep but to use a prohibition.

They even talked that they would continue to explore inside the dead light. But kebs de eksplorer thought it would be dangerous if they walked without a light because of the number of holes that were too deep inside the tunnel so they decided to just go out and postpone exploring inside the tunnel for now.


This is the War Tunnel that is part of fort William McKinley which is now known as fort Bonifacio here in Taguig. Fort McKinley is a military base built by the US military government of the Philippines in 1910.

The tunnel is intended for the creation of an underground aerial bombing free air warning service of the army air Force known as THE FORT MCKINLEY PROJECT.

Excavation for the tunnel began in Oct. 1941 and the pacific war broke out in Dec. 8 1941. On Dec 9 the afternoons bombed fort McKinley. The Air Warning Service headquarters was completely destroyed and everyone inside was killed. In 1942 the Japanese also occupied Manila. The Japanese renamed fort McKinley as “SAKURA HEIHEI” (cherry blossom barracks) and they made it headquarters for important military officers including the famous Japanese Commander Gen. TOMOYUKI YAMASHITA.

When the US AIR FORCE began bombing Manila, the tunnel served as a hideout for senior Japanese military officials. And on Feb, 13, 1945 they abandoned it.

In 1949 fort McKinley was transferred to the philippine government and renamed fort Bonifacio. It served as the headquarters of the Philippine army and the tunnel was turned into an ammunition storage and supply store room and later became part of the PA MUSEUM AND LIBRARY. In 1995 it was officially closed to the public.

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