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A Coffee Shop in Cagayan owned by a Maritime Student goes Viral


Diligence, strategy, love and patience became the investment of a 4th year Marine Engineering Student.

To earn money, a proud student from Iguig, Cagayan built a coffee shop along the road in Tuguegarao City, using a motorcycle and his skills in brewing coffee.

The pandemic brought down many industries, many closed down, many went hungry, many lost their jobs but ACE MATAMMU GEARHART, a 4th year Marine Engineering student from the University of Cagayan Valley did not lose hope because he said, “Madiskarte ang mga Pinoy.”

Because he loves coffee, he thought of building his own business and tried to learn the ins and outs as a “Barista” with the help of YouTube tutorials.

For him, life goes on and on, it is not the end of the world to just stare and wait for help from the government. So whatever job you have now, you need to appreciate because not everyone has that nowadays.

Big salute to those who struggle and fight fair in life! This young man is trying to gain his momentum, truly his parents are so proud of him.

So visit his place at Rizal’s Park Tuguegarao City and he can’t wait to serve you one cup soon. Murang kape ngunit hindi tinipid sa lasa.

REFERENCE: Herson Allayban Raquino

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