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8,241 pass 2020-2021 Philippine Bar exams


MANILA – A total of 8,241 passed the 2020-2021 Bar Examinations, the Supreme Court said Tuesday. 

This is equivalent to 72.28 percent of the total 11, 402 law graduates who took the Bar exams last Feb. 4 and 6, after a 2-year postponement due to the coronavirus pandemic, said 2020/2021 Bar exams Chair Justice Marvic Leonen. 

Of the 8,241 who passed the exams, there are are 761 exemplary passers who scored 85-90% in the Bar exams. Fourteen Bar takers earned recognition for excellent performance, having obtained grades higher than 90 percent, Leonen said.

Unlike in previous batches, there was no traditional announcement of the top 10 passers. Instead, the Supreme Court recognized Bar examinees with “exemplary performance,” or those who got an average grade of 85 percent or higher.

Law schools were also ranked based on two levels: the percentage of passers and based on the number of examinees with exemplary performances.

This is the quickest turnaround for the checking of the Bar so far, just a little over 2 months since the exams concluded.

This was also the first time that the Supreme Court shifted from handwritten exam in one testing center to a digitalized format using a dedicated software in 31 testing sites across the country.

Instead of the traditional 4-day exam on Sundays, the high court opted for a 2-day exam spaced one day apart, in light of COVID-19 restrictions. 

The oath taking of the successful Bar examinees is scheduled on May 2, 2022.

8,241 pass 2020-2021 Philippine Bar exams| ABS-CBN NEWS

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