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70-Year-Old Senior Citizen, Gives Birth to Her First Child, Considered a Miracle


Pregnancy and the birth of a child is a difficult stage of a mother’s life. Carrying nine months in the womb until birth seems to have buried the foot in a pit. That is why everyone was surprised to hear that a senior citizen from India gave birth to her first child at the age of 70-years-old.

The baby’s parents were identified as Jinuven Rabari, 70-years-old, and her husband Valjibhai Rabari, 75-years-old. They are 45 years married and live in Western Gurujarat State, India. During their marriage, they have only now been blessed with an offspring that can be considered a miracle.

This is said to be the first time that Jinuven became pregnant and gave birth to a child. She said they had been asking her husband to bless them with a child for a long time and because they were both old, they almost gave up. But with the help of IVF or InVitro Fertilization they successfully had a healthy boy.

Due to their age, it was said that it was difficult for Jinuven to get pregnant but when she and her husband found out about InVitro Fertilization, they did not hesitate to try it in the hope that their long-held wish would be possible.

According to their doctor Dr. Naresh Banushali, she did not agree at first to the couple’s wishes because it was said to be dangerous for Jinuven’s age because her body might not be able to conceive and give birth. But after three months of counseling Dr. was also convinced. Banushali and his companions try because of the positivity and determination of the couple especially Jinuven.

“They first came to my clinic a year and a half ago. I was shocked when she said she wanted to have a baby. We kept telling her it is dangerous because of her age, and even counselled her for three months. She said she is 70,” Doctor said.

As a physician, it is the responsibility of Dr. Banushali wanted his patient to be safe so he was really against the couple’s wishes at first. It is also not normal because most people who want to get pregnant are in their 20s to 40s because everyone knows that when a woman steps into senior citizenship it is impossible for this to happen.

“We were a bit wary but Jinuven kept us motivated. She is a very positive woman,” he added.

Dr. Banushali saw Jinuven’s desire and her husband also supported her so she soon agreed to perform In-Vitro Fertilization. They were not disappointed when Jinuven finally successfully conceived a baby boy.

When the day of Jinuven’s birth came she had to undergo a c-section because her blood pressure was high and it was dangerous for her and her baby. There are also other doctors on standby in case she has a problem while she is giving birth.

“Her blood pressure was high and we had to deliver the child via c-section in the eighth month of the gestation. We had a team of doctors including a cardiologist, a physician on standby… anything could have gone wrong because of her age but she was fine and gave birth to a healthy baby,” explained Doctor Bashunali.

Dr. Bashunali and the other doctor she was with were happy because Jinuven’s delivery was successful and both were safe. It is said to be a great honor for them to perform In-Vitro Fertilization on a 70-year-old senior citizen.

The Rabari couple could not contain their joy because they were finally blessed with a child. Jinuven was even happier because her hard work and determination as a woman and husband paid off. Now she can be considered a full -fledged mother because she has finally given birth to a baby.

This event in the life of the Rabari couple can truly be considered a miracle. Who would have thought that it would still be possible for a 70-year-old senior citizen to become pregnant and give birth to a child. This incident is truly amazing. It can be said that nothing is really impossible when there is a will and with the help of God.

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