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70-Year-Old Man Marries 20-Year-Old Bride in Lavish Ceremony, Gifts Parents with $660k


Photos from a recent wedding in Thailand sparked discussion online after many internet users assumed the old man beside her was her father or grandfather. With the groom being 70 years old and the bride being 20 years old, we can’t blame netizens for thinking that was the case!

Mr. Chana Jiralertpong, a successful businessman who owns the coffee empire Khao Shong Industry, is a very, very wealthy man! He has, however, never been married before. Maybe he was simply looking for the right woman?

Photo credit: Chettha Songthaveepol / Facebook

Mr. Chana is a well-known name in the industry, but little is known about his personal life or his new wife; however, she is only 20 years old. Her name was not mentioned in any of the wedding-related blog posts or reports.

Chettha Songthaveepol posts photos of the bride and groom on the Big Kren Facebook page of a Thai news organization. Before the wedding, the bride’s family was said to have received a cash gift of 20 million baht ($660k).

Photo credit: Chettha Songthaveepol / Facebook

Their relationship, like that of other couples with such a large age gap, was scrutinized from the start, even by family and friends. Many internet users, however, can’t help but notice that these two are genuinely happy to be together, as evidenced by the large smiles on both of their faces. Mr. Chana was clearly not forced upon the bride. She doesn’t seem to mind their 50-year age difference.

Photo credit: Chettha Songthaveepol / Facebook
“We have already agreed on the wedding date, so no matter where I am in the world, I will come back to meet my wife on that day,” Mr. Chana declared.

However, many netizens questioned whether the bride is smiling because she is marrying the love of her life. Instead, they claimed she’s beaming from ear to ear because she’ll be getting a large sum of money and will be able to go shopping for designer goods whenever she wants. Many people, however, pointed out that it’s not fair to pass judgment on the couple because they could be truly in love.

Photo credit: Chettha Songthaveepol / Facebook
70 year-old na lalaki pinakasalan ang 20-year old na babae, mga magulang ng babae binigyan ng P30M|The Daily Sentry

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