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61 KLM passengers from South Africa, tested positive for Covid-19


Sixty-one KLM passengers on a flight coming from South Africa tested positive for the Covid-19 and are still being evaluated to see if it is caused by the new Omicron variant.

Those who tested positive are now quarantined at a hotel near Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, where up to 600 passengers from Johannesburg waited several hours for the release of the test results on Friday.

“Batid namin ngayon na 61 sa resulta ay positibo at 531 ang negatibo,” said in a statement of Dutch Health Authority (GGD).
“Susuriin kaagad ang mga positibong resulta para malaman kung may kaugnayan ito sa nakakababahalang bagong variant, na pinangalanang Omicron variant,” it added.

EU health officials have warned that the new class of Covid-19 could pose a “serious to extremely serious risk” to the continent.

All passengers who test positive will stay at the hotel for seven days if there are symptoms and five days if there are no symptoms, according to the GGD.

Passengers who are negative but remain in the Netherlands are expected to self-isolate in their home.

For those who do not live in the Netherlands, they can continue their journey, according to GGD.

In the Philippines, authorities have banned the entry of travelers from South Africa and six other neighboring countries.

An Omicron case has been recorded in Hong Kong.

61 pasahero ng KLM galing South Africa, nagpositibo sa Covid-19|

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