Positive Update! DepEd Set to Distribute P5K Cash Allowance to Teachers Beginning August 29

The big news is here for all the teachers in the Philippines! If you’re a teacher, get ready for something great.

In a recent announcement by DepEd’s Undersecretary, Annalyn Sevilla on her Official Facebook Account, a noteworthy development has unfolded for educators across the Philippines.

” DepEd Joint Circular No. 2, s. 2021 provides that the Cash Allowance shall be given to entitled public school teachers not earlier than the official start of every SY. “

The criteria for this payment will be as follows:

Date of Assumption of Duty from the Date of Opening of Classes (Calendar Days)Percentage of cash Allowance to Teachers
a. Within the first 30 days100%
b. After the first 30 days but not more than 90 days80%
c. After 90 days but not more than 150 days50%
d. After 150 days until the end of school year20%

Special teachers will get this cash allowance starting August 29, 2023, or when the new school year begins. DepEd want to help out the teachers who need it. Teachers do so much for students, and this is a way to show that everyone appreciates them.

This money has a special purpose. It’s meant to help teachers in different ways.

Teachers can use it to buy things like books and supplies to make classes even better. They can also use it to pay for the Internet, which helps with teaching online. Plus, it can help with things like phone bills and even doctor visits.

Annalyn Sevilla made a post on Facebook on August 7, and it got a lot of attention. She said that teachers will start getting the money on August 29, the same day the new school year begins.

It’s like a plan to help teachers do their job better. They can use the cash allowance to buy things to make their classes more exciting, and they can also use it for things like the Internet and going to the doctor.

The government knows that teachers need this money quickly. So, they made a plan to give it to them as soon as possible. They’ll send the money to special offices in charge of schools.

This extra money isn’t just a gift. It’s a way for the government to say, “Thank you for being great teachers!” Teachers are super important for the country’s future. This is like a little prize to show that everyone cares about teachers and their hard work. It’s also a way to give teachers hope and make them feel good about their important job.

So, as the new school year gets closer, teachers can be happy about this special news. They can feel excited and know that they are valued. This extra money is a way to help teachers, show them love, and make them feel like the true superheroes they are!

Source: Annalyn M. Sevilla Facebook ( August 7, 2023 )
Publication: Published on Expertist Network as of August 8, 2023, at 8:48 pm
Cash Allowance

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Frequenly Asked Questions ( FAQs )

What’s the exciting news for teachers in the Philippines?

  • A remarkable announcement has been made by DepEd’s Undersecretary, Annalyn Sevilla, that brings fantastic news for teachers across the country.

When will the cash allowance distribution begin?

  • Starting from August 29, 2023, which coincides with the start of the new school year, eligible teachers will start receiving this special allowance.

What’s the cash allowance all about?

  • Teachers are going to receive a special cash allowance of around P5,000. DepEd want to help out the teachers who need it. Teachers do so much for students, and this is a way to show that everyone appreciates them.

Who will receive this cash allowance?

  • This cash allowance will be given to special teachers who need it, starting from August 29, 2023, which is when the new school year starts. It’s a way to support teachers who do so much for students.

What’s the purpose of this cash allowance?

  • The cash allowance has a specific purpose – to help teachers in various ways. It can be used to buy things like books and supplies to make classes more exciting. It can also cover expenses like the Internet, which is important for online teaching, and even phone bills and doctor visits.

When did Undersecretary Annalyn Sevilla announce this?

  • Annalyn Sevilla shared this great news on Facebook on August 7, 2023. She mentioned that teachers will start receiving the cash allowance on August 29, 2023, which is also the first day of the new school year.

Is this cash allowance just a gift?

  • The cash allowance isn’t just a gift; it’s a way for the government to express gratitude to teachers for their outstanding work. Teachers play a crucial role in the country’s future, and this cash allowance is a small token of appreciation.

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