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59-year-old banker died while having sex with his 24-year-old girlfriend


A BANKER’S tryst with his younger girlfriend inside a resort in Compostela town, northern Cebu, resulted in his death rather than joy.

The 59-year-old man died of cardiac death while having sex with his 24-year-old girlfriend after 5 p.m. on January 20, 2021, according to reports.

According to his partner, the man, a resident of Barangay Yati in Liloan, was forceful during the first round of intercourse before this happened.

As per Compostela Police Station Chief Vincent Zozobrado, the man and his lover from Compostela relaxed after the incident.

The man felt a tightening in his chest as he began another intercourse with his partner.

Although the woman massaged him, he still had trouble breathing. Later, the man suffered a seizure.

The wife sought assistance from the resort’s administration right away, but the man was unable to be saved.

According to Zozobrado, the woman had been in a three-year relationship with the bank manager. He claimed the man had a history of heart problems.

The bank boss was planning on sending his girlfriend to school, but she declined.

Her lover had been providing her with P2,000 per week.

Banker, 59, dies during sex with girlfriend, 24|Yahoo News

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