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52-year-old Filipino, entered 2 jobs abroad to support GF in Ph but cheated him


“Age doesn’t matter. ”

That is the saying we always hear when the age gap between two people in love is far.

That is why a relationship should not be judged if they are far apart in age.

Meanwhile, a 52-year-old OFW in California approached the Raffy Tulfo In Action program to complain to his girlfriend that he allegedly cheated on her.

Ferdinand Gomez is a caregiver in California, USA, where he works two jobs. He said he only sleeps 3-5 hours a day.

Ferdinand supports his girlfriend here in the Philippines but he finds out that she cheated on him.

Ferdinand complained to his girlfriend Innah Esmero from Tagum City, Davao.

📷 Raffy Tulfo in Action

Ferdinand’s story, he met Innah on Facebook. After a few weeks of conversation the two became lovers.

When Innah allegedly started asking for money from Ferdinand, she gave it voluntarily because she loved it and promised to support it.

Ferdinand also sends money to Innah to spend on his family and his son.

The OFW also sent a balikbayan box full of items for Innah’s family such as shoes, 30 pieces of Victoria Secret lingerie and many more.

📷 Raffy Tulfo in Action

Ferdinand said that two weeks before he approached Raffy Tulfo, he sent P20,000 to Innah for her son’s birthday.

According to him, the money he sent to Innah reached P312,000.

Their marriage turned out well when Ferdinand returned to the Philippines for a month. They also said that they plan to get married so the OFW bought an engagement ring and land.

But everything changed when Innah suddenly told Ferdinand to move on. He also said that he and his entire family are being blocked on Facebook.

📷 Raffy Tulfo in Action

With the help of Ferdinand’s cousin Kris Chua, they used his son’s Facebook account and there they found out that it was someone else’s relationship.

” It’s hard to work in America ,” Ferdinand said as he cried.

He said that even his children aged 30, 27 and 25 are no longer talking to him because of Innah.

Watch the full video below:

52-year-old na Pinoy, pinasok ang dalawang trabaho sa ibang bansa upang masuportahan ang GF sa Pilipinas ngunit ipinagpalit sa iba|The Daily Sentry

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