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2 Beds almost filled with so much money they saved


Many were amazed at one family after accumulating so much money that it could almost fill two beds. These photos were shared by Abby Sarmiento Mendoza. They made the “Ipon Challenge” that will really impress you. There are coins and many bills with 20 to 1000 pesos each.

Instead of using the traditional piggy bank used by many, Abby made their own alkasnya in which they used glass. You can see the ascending aquarium containing a lot of money.

Before they finally removed the money they had accumulated, they took a picture next to the big piggy bank.

This is proof that savings is not difficult if you have long patience and proper use of money.

In our time now it is better that we have saved money to use in the future especially if we need to buy something, or sometimes we can use the money saved to get the things we want.

Isang Pamilya, Halos Napuno ang 2 Kama sa Dami ng Naipon Nilang Pera!|Noypiako

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