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17-year-old went viral who has already built a house, has her own sari-sari store as well


Clara Matos impressed many after she showed off her sari-sari store.

After building her own house with her father, she also equipped it with a sari-sari store.

Many admire Clara for her approach to life especially her father has long had a stroke.

It is said that her mother left her so she and her father are the only ones living together.

The girl Clara Matos shared what her house now looks like.

KAMI found out that the girl who went viral has moved into the house she built for her father.

It will be remembered that Clara was helped by vlogger Marco Rodriguez or better known as Virgelyncares because of her diligence.

Photo: Clara Matos
Source: Facebook

At the age of 17, she entered into various rackets such as selling snacks and online selling of beauty products to meet the needs of her father.

Her mother left them, so Clara grew up with her father. In her own vlog, Clara previewed the look of the house she built where it also has a sari-sari store as an additional livelihood for her and her father.

Even though the whole of their home that she was supposed to paint was not finished, she was able to build it wonderfully because of her savings and also with the help of people who cared about him like Virgelyncares.

Clara Matos is a vlogger from Bicol who was first known because of fellow vlogger Virgelyncares who helped her. So far, Clara has 75,000 subscribers in her YouTube channel.

It will be remembered that many admired her because she was already building a house with her father just because of her online business and selling snacks.

And since Virgelyncares’ video about Clara reached 1.6 million views, she even gave her a motorcycle as a gift.

Nag-viral na 17-anyos na nakapagpatayo na ng bahay, may sariling sari-sari store na rin|KAMI.COM

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